Leaders of Tomorrow find success in science and business

Kirill Gorshkov is an IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow at the US National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences and currently vice president of the US GapSummit organising team, having previously held the same role in organising our first regional event, the US Leaders of Tomorrow Forum 2015.

Alongside colleagues at Johns Hopkins and the University of San Diego, California, Kirill was the lead author in the publication of “AKAP-mediated feedback control of cAMP gradients in developing hippocampal neurons” in Nature Chemical Biology.

The study used molecular techniques to investigate the role of cyclic AMP (cAMP), a signalling molecule, and it’s interaction with protein kinase A (PKA), another signalling molecule to alter the development of axons – tendrils that form signalling pathways between neurons – specialised brain cells that transmit information. They found that preventing the anchoring of PKA, led to cAMP driven axon elongation. The research will contribute towards development of treatments to regenerate nerves after injury.


 Andreas Hougaard Laustsen was a Leader of Tomorrow at GapSummit 2016. He is currently a bioengineering postdoc at the Technical University of Denmark, in addition to being the founder of two start-ups: Biosyntia, creating biocatalysers to ferment chemicals for sustainable manufacturing, and VenomAb, which is looking to replace conventional animal-derived anti-venoms with synthesised serums that are more affordable.

Having been named “Denmark’s coolest engineer” in 2014, Andreas can add to his many achievements featuring among the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe: Science and Healthcare. GBR would like to extend it’s congratulations to Andreas on this achievement.

Awards aren’t the driver for VenomAb, it’s saving lives from preventable deaths. Over 5 million snake bites occur each year with over 125,000 fatalities and 400,000 permanent disabilities as a result. Much of this fatality and disability occurs in developing nations where access to proper treatment is limited.


We’re always eager to hear about the projects of our alumni seeing success and recognition, get in touch with us if you’re working on something that you’d like to share with the GBR community.

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