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Global Biotech Revolution with Key Supporting Partner Biotechin.Asia Launches Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow 2016

An opportunity has arrived for youth in Singapore to learn from and meet some of the most influential leaders in the biotechnology and healthcare sector. If you have a passion for biotech and want to have a go at solving some of our biggest problems through innovation then this event is for you. Global Biotech Revolution, a not-for-profit organization based at University of Cambridge, UK is bringing the… Read more

CV-Eye is looking for talent!

CV-Eye is a smart idea out to save and improve lives. It’s being developed by an ambitious group of our Leaders of Tomorrow, having been one of the winners of the Voices of Tomorrow competition. They’re on the lookout for someone with the tech-savvy and drive to help them achieve their mission. CV-Eye technologies aspires to help stroke patients around the world, protect them from disabilities and enable them… Read more

CRISPR/Cas9: the double-edged sword of molecular biology

In recent months the media outlets lit up with the news that a team of scientists have successfully used CRISPR/Cas gene editing technique to repair a gene causing a common form of heart disease in human embryos. Following this recent breakthrough the public has been left divided both expressing excitement and concern over modern scientific capabilities. The CRISPR/Cas technology used to modify embryos is a simplistic immune system of… Read more

Remembering GBR Advisory Board member Professor Sir Christopher Dobson - 1949-2019

Global Biotech Revolution would like to pay tribute to Professor Sir Christopher Dobson, Master of St John’s College at the University of Cambridge, who died on 8th September 2019.   Sir Christopher was an incredibly kind supporter of GBR and the GapSummits since our inception and was a founding… Read more