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Catching Up with Leader of Tomorrow 2014: Emilia Díaz

  Emilia is the founder and CEO of Kaitek Labs a biotech company based in Santiago, Chile that’s creating assays and environmental biosensors based on “bacterial computers.” She is also a regional blogger… Read more

The Commercial Education Gap

As a small, advancing economy, New Zealand has made its mark as a leading region for science and research intellect and labour. Universities and crown research institutes (CRIs) are above the OECD average for scientific publications. This is a reflection of the core responsibility and business of the academic and research environment to publish… Read more

5 years of GBR

TWO more months until #GapSummit2017! Who's excited? To celebrate founding 5 years ago we made a snazzy infographic to show you our growth...… Read more

Remembering GBR Advisory Board member Professor Sir Christopher Dobson - 1949-2019

Global Biotech Revolution would like to pay tribute to Professor Sir Christopher Dobson, Master of St John’s College at the University of Cambridge, who died on 8th September 2019.   Sir Christopher was an incredibly kind supporter of GBR and the GapSummits since our inception and was a founding… Read more

Call for graduate students / PhDs / Postdocs to lead, plan and execute a global biotech leadership summit

The GapSummit is the world’s first international, inter-generational leadership summit addressing the gaps in the biotechnology sector. It is the flagship event of Global Biotech Revolution, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire and support the next generation of leaders to ensure the sustainability and growth… Read more