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Catching Up with Leader of Tomorrow 2014: Emilia Díaz

  Emilia is the founder and CEO of Kaitek Labs a biotech company based in Santiago, Chile that’s creating assays and environmental biosensors based on “bacterial computers.” She is also a regional blogger… Read more


Philip Hemme (@PhilipHemme) is the Co-Founder and CEO of GBR’s partner organisation Recently, we had a chance to do a short Q&A with Philip to find out how Labiotech is helping to improve the European Biotech… Read more

CV-Eye is looking for talent!

CV-Eye is a smart idea out to save and improve lives. It’s being developed by an ambitious group of our Leaders of Tomorrow, having been one of the winners of the Voices of Tomorrow competition. They’re on the lookout for someone with the tech-savvy and drive to help them achieve their mission. CV-Eye technologies aspires to help stroke patients around the world, protect them from disabilities and enable them… Read more

ON Helix: Start-Up Café

ON Helix run by One Nucleus will be held on the 13th July. This year they’re introducing a new opportunity for start-ups to showcase themselves, see details in the flyer… Read more

Catching Up with LoT 2016 - Andreas Laustsen

With less than three months to go to until the launch of GapSummit 2018 in historical Cambridge, UK, we wanted to catch up with our alumni on their journey after attending a previous GapSummit and share tips to this year's Leaders of Tomorrow. It is an immense pleasure to see our talented Leaders of Tomorrow follow their passion and pursue even greater career heights. Today, we had a chance to chat to Dr Andreas Laustsen, a serial… Read more

GBR partners with globally renowned accelerators MassChallenge, RebelBio and SBIR

Global Biotech Revolution is excited to announce that we have formed partnerships with multiple globally renowned accelerators including MassChallenge, Rebel Bio, and SBIR. These partnerships will enable GBR to work towards… Read more