Dr Charlotte Whicher

Product Manager Repositive

Charlotte Whicher studied her undergraduate degree (BA (Hons)) in Physiological sciences at the University of Oxford. From there she moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where she worked as a research assistant on amyloidosis in Adriano Aguzzi’s lab in the University Hospital Neuropathology Department. She then returned to the UK and joined the Division of Immunoregulation at the MRC Francis Crick Institute, Mill Hill laboratory (formerly the MRC National Institute for Medical Research) to complete her Infection & Immunology PhD in Anne O’Garra’s lab. Here she specialised in transcriptomics and the regulation of immuno-modulatory protein gene expression. She is now Product Manager for Repositive, helping build a software platform to facilitate efficient and secure data access, data sharing and data collaborations for genomics research. She takes a keen interest in the issues surrounding finding and accessing human genomics data and is an advocate of the Open Science movement.