Mainda Kiwelu

Strategist and Founder ADNIAM House

Mainda enjoys helping creators and entrepreneurs take new products and services to market. She has industry experience working in publishing, information technology, television, travel, education and professional services. She has predominantly worked as a marketer in both start-ups and multi-national firms and has successfully supported key business development initiatives in the UK, US, South America, Europe and Asia. Having a keen interest in intellectual property issues, innovation and the creative industries, Mainda has been involved in various ventures, mentoring individual practitioners as well as running a member network, hosting speaking programmes and advising on policy. In 2014, Mainda founded Adniam House helping clients protect, build and monetise their brand and other IP as part of their business plans. Mainda is also active in a social enterprise start-up helping educate girls from challenging backgrounds in Kenya. She is also a volunteer speaker for the fair trade charity Traidcraft.