Dr Markus Yeo


Dr Marcus Yeo is a founder and CEO of DefiniGEN. He is an experienced Company Director and life scientist who took the Oxford-based diagnostics biotechnology company Cybersense Biosystems Ltd to acquisition in 2008 by the FTSE 100 company Severn Trent. He oversaw the integration of the business into the  Severn Trent ISO 17025 structure and led sales and marketing of the Severn Trent analytics division. Marcus also has previously worked for the University of Oxford company Zyoxel Ltd. (now CN Bio Innovations), which markets advanced 3D human tissue culture systems to the investigative toxicology drug discovery sector. He specialised in the development of next-generation stem cell derived liver toxicology products and disease modelling systems for drug discovery lead optimisation. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology and is an accredited European Commission Technology Expert who has managed in excess of £15m of R&D funding.