Dr Shamus Husheer

CEO Heartfelt Technologies

Dr Shamus Husheer is the inventor of the technology behind DuoFertility and was for the first 6 years the CEO/ CTO of Cambridge Temperature Concepts, the company that developed the product. DuoFertility is a new wearable device and service to help couples conceive without drugs or surgery, and has been shown to be equally effective as a cycle of IVF after just six months of use. Shamus has 15 years of experience in developing instrumentation and sensors during his MSc, PhD, and several Angel and VC-backed companies. He finally graduated his PhD at Cambridge after a group of investors said “we have the money to fund this, just graduate and do it!”, and proceeded to develop a digital health medical device before the first iPhone existed, taking the idea from sheet of paper through prototypes, medical approvals, trials and first sales all within 18 months. A “Recidivist Entrepreneur”, Shamus has started companies in the chemical, medical, optical, finance and modelling industries and is now at it again with his new digital health company, HeartFelt Technologies, addressing the problem of chronic heart failure in casually compliant patients.