Dr Stanley Hirsch

CEO, FuturaGene Group

Dr Hirsch is the Group CEO of FuturaGene Ltd., a leader in plant genetic research and development for the global, sustainable industrial forest sector. FuturaGene obtained the first ever commercial approval for yield enhanced genetically modified eucalyptus in April 2015. FuturaGene is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzano Pulp and Paper of Brazil. Dr Hirsch has served as general manager of two diagnostics development companies and a drug development company, as well as director of business development for a group of healthcare companies. Early in his career, Dr Hirsch was involved in the development of automated systems for plant tissue culture. Dr Hirsch serves on the boards of Foamix (FOMX-NASDAQ), a specialty pharmaceutical company and a research products company and has advised various venture capital funds. He received his D. Phil. from Oxford University and his B.Sc. (Med) Honours from the University of Cape Town.