GapSummit 2018

Challenge, Grow, Connect 

University of Cambridge, UK

16th - 18th April 2018










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GapSummit 2018

16th - 18th April 2018

The world’s first global and intergenerational leadership summit in biotechnology


Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) is a student-led not-for-profit with the mission to inspire young people and support the next generation of leaders to ensure sustainability and growth of the biotechnology industry.

GBR’s flagship event is the GapSummit. The GapSummit welcomes 100 future bio-leaders (Leaders of Tomorrow) from around the world. Leaders of Tomorrow are carefully selected to attend. In addition, the GapSummit also attracts world leaders from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, who will engage, challenge and inspire the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow.

The biennial GapSummit is traditionally held in Cambridge at the historic St John’s Old Divinity School, University of Cambridge. Both previous conferences, held in 2014 and 2016, have proven a great success and have also led to the formation of several new ventures, led by young GapSummit attendees. In 2017, a GapSummit was hosted in Washington D.C. for the very first time in GBR’s history.

The GapSummit is a 3-day conference, which will provide the bio-leaders of tomorrow with a comprehensive overview of current and future biotechnology trends and issues, inciting discussion about world challenges that can be met by biotechnological application. The next generation will also be challenged to take up leadership by proposing and developing real-life impactful solutions as part of the Voices of Tomorrow business plan competition.

During the 3 days, current leaders in biotechnology will have the opportunity to share experiences and challenges, debate with future leaders, and project their vision of the future of biotechnology. The summit is a unique opportunity for the current biotech experts to engage with the next generation of leaders. Together we aim to challenge the current state of the global bio-economy, and consider grand challenges that the field will need to address by 2050.

The GapSummit 2018 will attract more than 60 world leaders and pioneers from the biotech, pharmaceutical & healthcare industry to the University of Cambridge and is thus Cambridge’s most prestigious biotechnology conference.


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Speaker Highlights Include:

Who are the Leaders of Tomorrow?

We welcome future leaders from across the world and from all sectors of biotech.  Students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants — all are welcome and are encouraged to share their ideas, perspectives, interests, and questions.  Join us to CHALLENGE, CONNECT, and GROW.  The future of biotech is in your hands.

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St John’s historic Old Divinity School belongs to the University of Cambridge and is located in the heart of the city.

Cambridge is Europe’s most renowned and one of the world’s famous biotechnology hubs. Global Biotech Revolution was originally founded in Cambridge and our organisation is still located here. The biennial GapSummit in Cambridge is therefore our most prestigious flagship event. With numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies located in Cambridge, the city is characterised by a unique passion and aspiration to drive the global bio-economy and improve human health.

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