GapSummit Mission:

Inspire and train Leaders of Tomorrow to catalyse innovation, help build the global bioeconomy, and facilitate communication through three core values:

  • Challenge: To challenge current knowledge, dogmas, solutions to existing problems, and each other's ideas.

  • Grow: To grow the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of young leaders to strengthen bio-economies locally and beyond.

  • Connect: To connect leaders of tomorrow with current leaders and pioneers to improve the global life sciences ecosystems together.

GapSummit 2018 Executive Team

Felix Breyer

President | PhD Student at UCL (Francis Crick Institute)

Daniel Bode

Chief Operating Officer | PhD Student at University of Cambridge (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)

Karen Duffy

LoT Liaison | PhD Student at University of Cambridge

Tim Lohoff

Marketing Officer | PHD Student at University of Cambridge

Norbert Majubu

Information Technology Officer | Software Engineer

Mie Monti

Marketing Officer | Masters Student at University of Cambridge (Systems and Synthetic Biology)

Marion Perrin

Voices of Tomorrow Coordinator | PhD Student at University of Cambridge (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)

Emily Wyatt

VoT Liaison | MPhil Student at University of Cambridge

GapSummit 2018 Ambassador Team

Sean MacKay

Marketing Ambassador | PhD student at University of Otago

Nnewuihe Obinna, MD

Marketing Ambassador | Coordinator, Commonwealth Youth Health Network

Elly Setiawaty

Marketing Ambassador | Founder & Programme Coordinator of BioNest

GapSummit 2018 Advisory Board

Professor Christopher M Dobson

Master of St John’s College | Photo credit: Ben Lister

Professor Chris Lowe

Director of Bioscience Enterprise Programme

Dr Jane Osbourn

Vice-President R&D MedImmune

Dr Mene Pangalos

Executive Vice-President IMED Biotech Unit, AstraZeneca

Professor Sir Gregory Paul Winter

Master of Trinity College