Dr David Pyott

Board Member of Philips, Alnylam and Biomarin; Philanthropist; Former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Allergan

Acknowledged as one of the top 100 performing CEO’s in the world, Dr. David Pyott was the Chief Executive Officer of Allergan from 1998 until the sale of the company to Actavis in 2015. By driving innovation through investments in R&D and impeccable performance, Dr. Pyott transformed Allergan from a small eye care company into a multi-billion dollar global specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company, overseeing $68 billion in market value growth. During his tenure Allergan launched blockbuster treatments that transformed medicine and skincare including expanding the approved uses of Botox to include treatment of migraine headaches, chronic tension headaches, cerebral palsy, severe over-active bladder and such cosmetic uses as brow furrows and crow's feet; as well as the development of Restasis, a drug for the treatment of moderate to severe dry eye.

For Dr. Pyott, improving patient outcomes is paramount. He wants what is best for his employees, his shareholders and the company as a whole; that’s why when he believes in something, he fights for it. His dedication and fortitude has been instrumental in building his track record for transforming business and society. At Allergan, he promoted the importance of research and development for innovation and growth. He felt so strongly about this that he refused to give in to lucrative acquisition attempts because he did not believe in the acquiring company’s business model of cutting and slashing R&D budgets that created alternate innovative uses for Botox to improve patient lives.