We are looking for young, enthusiastic individuals with a passion in biotechnology. People who see science as an excellent vehicle to drive social change through elegant yet accessible solutions. Leaders of Tomorrow are involved in their communities whilst showing a strong sense of global awareness.

We are looking to make this event as interdisciplinary and diverse as possible to incite interesting and disruptive discussion, for guidance here is what a typical candidate looks like:

Students and researchers

  • Undergraduates, post-graduates and PhD students at international world leading universities
  • Strong academic profiles in a broad spectrum of disciplines, including core biosciences, engineering, business, law and policy 

Early-stage professionals 

  • Outstanding early-stage professionals from top global organisations 

  • Passion for developing the broader biotech in dustry and addressing grand challenges beyond solely developing their own careers 


  • Entrepreneurial disruptive talent; visionaries who start up breakthrough technology and service companies. Such enterprising individuals who challenge the system and industry models, often with social causes as key drivers, will be of particular interest.


Past LoTs

Ainnatul Ahmad-Termizi

Credit analyst, Agrobank

Nnewuihe Obinna

Medicine / Health Policy

Victor Bustos

PhD student at Max-Planck-Institute for Biology of Ageing

Dr Andreas Hougaard Laustsen

Postdoctoral Fellow & Head of the Tropical Pharmacology Lab, Technical University of Denmark